Brushes & Care

Marilyn® is the name that has redefined the art of hair brushing!

Marilyn Brush has established a great reputation in both the professional and consumer market for hairbrushes. We're proud to be the first brand on the market to introduce the distinguished hourglass design; only one of the key differences that make Marilyn Brush a leader in the industry. The design consists of 100% natural boar bristle, nylon, or a bristle and nylon mixture, set in an hourglass-shaped barrel or cushion pad. Marilyn brushes come in a variety of different sizes, materials, and colors with a wide range of prices. There is a Marilyn brush for every hair type!

Brush Types

Boar Bristle
A boar bristle brush sleeks and smooths the hair and increases the shine. Natural boar bristle and ‘C-cut’ boar bristle (the best cut of the bristle) are the only things used in the creation of a Marilyn Brush. The C-cut boar bristle brush distributes the hair's natural oils and seals the cuticle to promote visibly healthy shine.

Nylon Bristle
Nylon bristle brushes are good for penetrating even the most difficult hair.

Reinforced Boar Bristle
The combination of nylon and boar bristle is great for all hair types. It's especially ideal for thick or long hair.

Cleaning your Marilyn Brush

New Yorker & Paddle Brushes
Clean and dry frequently and thoroughly as dead hair, product build-up, and scales from the scalp can clog the cushion pad and cause deterioration on the bristles of your hair brushes.

Hourglass Brushes

  1. Remove strands of hair with Brush Cleaning Tool. To do so, start at the base of the cushion pad and follow around the entire circumference of the brush, raking hair away.
  2. Sweep Brush Cleaning Tool across the bristles from end to end. (Note: wash tool occasionally to cleanse of dirt and oils that can cause deterioration when in contact with brush cushions)
  3. Wash brush by making a lather of lukewarm, soapy water. Do not use detergents or ammonia. Dip brush in water at a forward angle. Shake brush to remove excess water and moisture.
  4. Leave to dry with handle up and pad pointing downwards. Never dry bristles with a towel.

Caution: Nylon bristles will soften if they become too moist. Dry brushes thoroughly. Do not use oil or window cleaner on your brush as these can destroy the cushion pad.

Handle Care
For foam handles to maintain their shape, do not boil in water or expose to excessive heat. Strong chemicals, notably nail polish remover, can attack the surface and cause foam to deteriorate. For the wooden handles, the same applies. Soaking the brushes too long will cause wood handles to swell and coating to crack.

Exposing Brushes to Heat

Hair Dryers
These must be used with care. The extreme heat from hair dryers can warp the handle, melt the nylon, and destroy the boar bristles.

Warnings & Precautions
Good general care will prolong the life of your Marilyn Brush. Brushes should not be left in direct sunlight as UV rays can weaken the cushion pad (New Yorker and Paddle brushes). Excessive heat from hair dryers or direct sunlight can distort handles and discolor finishes on brushes.

Important Note:
Do not use oils, spirits, solvents, or other chemicals on your Marilyn Brush. These can destroy the cushion pad, bristles, and finish of the brush. Hairspray and oil-based preparations in many shampoos and conditioners and leave-in styling products used on the hair can cause your brush to deteriorate if allowed to accumulate on the brush. Prolonged and direct heat from hair dryers can damage your brush. Product build-up on brush may accelerate this damage.

Marilyn brushes are covered by a general manufacturers warranty. However, this does not include wear and tear encountered in the normal working life of the brush or where cleaning instructions have not been followed or where damage from excessive heat has occurred.