Frequently Asked Questions

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Marilyn® Brushes can be found online and nationwide at fine salons, spas, and beauty supply stores.
If you're a beauty supply store interested in carrying our products, please call 1 (619) 376-2000

Marilyn® Brush is a division of Beauty Supply 123. As such, when you place an order with Marilyn® Brush, charges for your purchase will appear on your credit card statement as Beauty Supply 123  or Marilyn® Brush.

Marilyn® Brush is the original hourglass-shaped brush. Its innovative design features the finest materials including true ceramic barrels and exceptional-quality natural boar bristles with a unique bristling pattern. Marilyn® Brush is designed to minimize styling time and allow for more freedom while styling hair.

The hourglass shape grabs hair and keeps it on the brush so you don’t have to continually pull at the hair to seal the cuticle.

Boar bristles sleek and smooth the hair and increases shine. Natural boar bristle and ‘C-cut’ boar bristle (the best cut of the bristle) are the only bristles used in the creation of a Marilyn® Brush. C-cut boar bristles distribute hair's natural oils and seal the cuticle to promote healthy hair.

A ceramic brush evenly distributes heat from the dryer and protects hair while styling. A ceramic brush can hold heat at 180° degrees for up to 10 minutes.

Marilyn® brushes are designed for a variety of different hair types and lengths and come in a variety of sizes. The size of a brush can be measured by placing a ruler at the top of the brush and measuring the length from bristle-end to bristle-end.

The best brush for creating volume is the Tuxedo Pro (our best-seller). The bristles on the Tuxedo Brush are angled on the barrel for added volume.

The Double S Pro is designed to straighten hair and seal the cuticle resulting in smooth, sleek hair. Its 100% reinforced boar bristles are set perpendicular to the barrel to aid in straightening and distribute sebum on the hair.

The Marilyn® Brush is ergonomically designed with a foam handle to give stylists and home users the best experience possible. The foam handle creates a firm, ergonomic grip that stays in your hand without slipping.

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