Brushing Technique

Stylists that swear by Marilyn Brush know the proper way to get results, and we've made it even easier with these simple steps:

Step 1: Get Ready!
  • Apply the appropriate finishing product to wet hair (we recommend David Douglas Keratin Serum)
  • Untangle hair with the Flatter Me Paddle hair brush
  • Use a professional blow dryer and work the hair in a circular motion to get rid of excess water. Continue until hair is 80% dry
Step 2: Get Organized!
  • Twist hair up into a bun with a hair clip leaving a perimeter of approx. 2 in all around
  • Get your blow dryer and select Marilyn Brushes ready for easy access
Step 3: Polish It Up!
  • Position the blow dryer perpendicular to the brush following the hairline
  • Select small sections that fit comfortably within the bristle area of the brush and comb through eliminating any potential tangles
  • Place the section on the bristle area of the brush and allow it to fall freely. Place the brush at an angle to create tension, then slowly turn brush ¼ and pull with the nozzle following the brush. If you have to do this more than twice, the hair is too wet.
Step 4: Tricks of the Trade!
  • In order to avoid markings or excess volume, make sure the brush flows downward when pulling the hair. This will guarantee a more natural look, especially around the face.
Step 5: Presto!
  • Finish with one of the Marilyn New Yorker finishing brushes. This will assure you get a shiny finish on the hair. Marilyn Brush will help close the cuticle and protect the hair from humidity
  • Once you have finished, apply your preferred setting product. You can always retouch with your favorite brush